2nd place in Canterbury Grand Slam!

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In the weekend Jess and I played in the Sumner Grand Slam event. First up we played Sarah Baldwin and Erin McCulloch, our training partners - we lost in 2 sets. Next we played Bayley Gair and her new partner Pauline Walsh, it was a tight game all the way but eventually we lost in the 3rd set. Our last pool game was against Michelle Kenny and MC Breuhaut, the first set was really close with us winning it 26-24 and then we went on to win the second set.

In the quarter final we won against Fran Edmonson and Sascha Constable in 2 sets. We played Bailey and Pauline again in the semi final winning in 3 sets. In the final we met Michelle and MC, winning the first set, losing the second set, and losing the final set 17-19.

I was really happy with this result as Jess has only been playing beach volleyball for a week now, and the conditions were very windy making it difficult to control the ball.

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